OSC by Norman Yeo

Established since 2001, One-Stop Concept is built upon a community of people-centric designers, like-minded industry veterans and passionate educators committed to interior design. Here at One-Stop Concept, our belief stems from the fusion of knowledge sharing, community building and outreach, advocacy for timeless designs where form meets function, to influence and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives.

Architectural education tends to differentiate cultural theory and design, while we believe in integrating them to provide the best possible customized intellectual and creative stimuli for our future design programs, to best suit the needs of our valued clients’ lifestyle.

Our aim is to infuse the design of architecture, landscapes and urban spaces with a critical awareness of the political, social, economic, technological and other cultural forces impacting our cities. One-Stop Concept, as our name suggests, is a one-stop solution for all designing needs, from carpentry, detailing, renovation, design, and the works, far surpassing mere home-designing.

The core mantra revolving around all our work arises from the desire to deliver first class, stylish interior space to our clients, allowing them to come back each day to their private paradise.

Credits: Cherlyn Phua

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is organized around the process of observing current cultural trends, understanding current cultural theories and translating these learnings into designs and our work.

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Creative Director . Designer

“I describe Design, in the context of the applied art, engineering, architecture, and other such creative endeavours, used as both a verb and noun. As a verb, ‘to design’ denotes an action or a state to the process of originating and developing a plan for a safe structure, or practical component. As a noun, ‘a design’ is used as implementing that plan (e.g. products of design), giving it a functional living condition and an atmosphere of excitement.”

A forbidden artist in his younger years, Norman has since overcome every obstacle to soar to where he is today. As the founder and creative director of One-Stop Concept, Norman’s design inspirations can be derived from three words; People. Passion. Projects. He strongly advocates that passion fuels projects, engaging the world, people and culture.

When awarded projects, Norman takes pride to carefully select everything, from lighting to furniture and home accessories, being involved in every step of the project journey to ensure that the envisioned perfect design is materialized. His pursuit to constantly seek perfection, giving the best in whatever he does and meticulous attitude has helped many achieve their dream home, famed in the glitterati circle from high profile business magnets to celebrities and socialites.

Norman believes that design is a universal language that speaks to the world, be it interior, furniture or architecture, something that will resonate with anyone. He feels that he has the personal responsibility to educate public about beauty, helping them acquire a sense of the beauty of art, and subsequently appreciating and creating art.

Holding true to his belief that everyone is an artist and anyone can create art, Norman is able to create timeless, everlasting designs and signature pieces by interacting with home owners and showering them with exclusive attention to better understand their needs and preferences, for customized and highly personalized homes.

Improving the quality of life, while protecting the safety and welfare of our clients.

Our Services

What our interior designers offer


Analyse the client’s goals, needs, and life and safety requirements.


Integrate findings with knowledge of interior design.


Formulate preliminary design concepts that are appropriate, functional, and aesthetic.


Develop and presents final design recommendations through appropriate presentation media.


Prepare working drawings and specifications for non-load bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, space planning, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.


Collaborate with other licensed practitioners in the technical areas of mechanical, electrical, and load-bearing design as required for regulatory approval.


Prepare and administer bids and contract documents as the client’s agent.


Review and evaluate design solutions during implementation and upon completion.