Our design philosophy is organized around the process of observing current cultural trends, understanding current cultural theories and translating these learnings into designs and our work. The designs we create are inspired by the urban scale and the precise definition of architectural space.

Our design philosophy can be distinguished into two parts; guiding design and purpose of design. Design philosophy helps determining design goals.

 A design goal may range from solving the smallest element of our client’s brief, to the most extensive influential speculative goals. Design goals help build guiding designs to achieve long term ultimate goals.

In our ever changing dynamic world, it is highly important for designers to heighten their awareness of the cultural processes impacting on urban environments and landscapes. We believe we have a responsibility to spearhead imaginative ideas for future urban environments, to capture the discerning taste of only the finest. This is done through quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, impeccable finishing and intrinsic artistic value rooted in all of our designs to create true, timeless, classic beauty, achieving the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Credits: Cherlyn Phua